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 Laws of Elysium

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PostSubject: Laws of Elysium   Sat Jan 16, 2010 6:18 pm

The following are the Rules of Elysium:

1-No violence is permitted on the premises. Possession of weapons is allowed as long as they are not used within the halls of Elysium.

2-No art is to be destroyed on pain of Final Death. Destruction of any other property within Elysium is also forbidden, but may not demand Final Death.

3-Elysium is neutral ground. Kindred may walk safely within Elysium regardless of Sect or Clan.

4-Remember the Masquerade at all times. Feeding on Kine within Elysium is forbidden to prevent accidents that may cause troubles for all who visit its halls.

Death is just a phase.
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Laws of Elysium
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