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 Early news July the 17th

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PostSubject: Early news July the 17th   Sat Feb 06, 2010 7:30 pm

Summary of the early news,

[Yesterday Monty our beloved primeminister was gone missing and yet no signs of him, the government have no comments and no one on his office are available for a comment at this moment, Comment from Police officer Caine; ''Four from our community is gone and we are doing whatever we can to find them, we can just pray and hope they are safe wherever they are.'']

[A camp outside near South Elmmere was destroyed by the nature, they are trying to find out how the big clouds of lightnings destroyed only the camp. Summary of the casualties is unknown at this moment, no surviving as we know about. The government and the greatest scientist in England are trying to figure out what caused this accident of nature.]

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Early news July the 17th
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